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Estonia ferry disaster: TV crew uncovers new evidence (BBC)

Underwater footage appears to show an unrecorded four-metre (13ft) hole in the ferry's hull.

Despite military wins against extremists, Iraq’s combat against terrorism is ‘far from won’, says President Salih (UN)

Before and after the emergence of the coronavirus, Iraq faced epidemics that were “no less deadly and dangerous to the world – terrorism and...

Europe’s COVID-19 crisis surges (Al Jazeera videos)

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India: Deadly building collapse near Mumbai, many feared trapped (Al Jazeera)

At least 10 dead and 20-25 people feared trapped after three-storey residential building collapsed in Bhiwandi.

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Cyclone Ianos: Two dead as ‘medicane’ sweeps across Greece (BBC)

The rare "medicane" storm flooded buildings, toppled trees and triggered landslides in central areas.

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Two dead as Storm Ianos batters Greece (Al Jazeera)

A rare Mediterranean cyclone has caused electricity blackouts and road closures in parts of Greece

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Families struggle as heavy rain, more floods expected in Sudan (Al Jazeera)

Since July, at least 115 people have been killed after days of torrential rains brought record-breaking floods.

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Medicane Storm Ianos lashes western Greece (BBC)

Intense wind and rain flood streets and fell trees on islands in western Greece.

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Floods and destruction as storm Sally moves north (BBC)

Torrential rains could bring damaging floods to the Carolinas, Georgia and Virginia.

New homes for earthquake survivors (

On 15 June, the Red Cross handed over the first permanent house rebuilt as part of its recovery programme after Haiti’s earthquake on 12 January 2010.

This integrated neighbourhood project taking place in Delmas 19, Port-au-Prince, encourages people to return from camps to their communities and contributes to rebuilding and repairing housing in the capital.

The Red Cross is also addressing income and sanitation issues in the area by providing cash grants and reconstructing infrastructure, including the neighbourhood’s main drainage canal.

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